Your Inner Warrior and Inner Healer

Inner Warrior

All humans have an inner strength, an inner warrior, to help them persevere in the face of lifeʼs challenges. Our inner warrior helps us capture and defend. Along side our warrior is another persona - the inner healer - the compassionate and empathetic one who helps us help others through pain and suffering. We all ...

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Star of Your Own Reality Show

you are a star in your own reality show

You carry “YOU” around wherever you go, whatever you encounter and with whomever you meet. Every human is an individual and from their own personal point-of-view, it’s all about them. Like the star of a reality show, you define your character with your acting ability. You are cast in the lead role. The story line ...

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Life is Lumpy

Problems in life

When you think of lumps, you might envision cottage cheese, gravy, curdled milk, an old mattress, or something more serious like cancer. Lumps are everywhere. We commonly call lumps of condensed moisture...clouds, lumps of vegetation...forests, lumps of matter...molecules, lumps of biological cells...plants and animals, and lumps of humanity...society. There is another kind of lump, however. ...

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You are Connected to Everything

Connections bind you to a web of reality. Connections are the conduit through which energy flows to you from the outside world. You are sensitive to the energy and you interpret the flow with your feelings. Taking conscious control of your connections enables you to successfully manage your life. If you are having trouble forming ...

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Getting it Together

Like cogs meshing in a gear train, you synchronize your life with your perception of reality. You know when you are in sync. It feels like you are dancing, in the groove, in the zone . . . everything is in harmony. You also know when you are out of sync. It feels like you ...

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Lift your Blindfold

Our view of the outside world is based on how we categorize our past experiences. Over time we form patterns that can skew our lives. Not patterns of behavior but patterns used to perceive current events. In order to synchronize a new America, a new renaissance . . . we must all recalibrate our patterns ...

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Off the Beaten Path

Nothing new was ever discovered walking the trodden path. Last week as we hiked to the top of a nearby mountain I reflected on what this meant. We followed a well established trail that meandered from the trail head up the valley floor through groves of dense trees paralleling the flow line of a crystal ...

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The Forest or the Trees?

How you think about things has a lot to do with what you perceive. You’ve undoubtably heard the idiom, “Can’t see the forest for the trees”. It means that you can become so immersed in the details you forget to look at the big picture. It happens to all of us. I’ve learned that some ...

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Recently, I read that geneticists discovered Neanderthal genes present in the modern human genome. Does this mean that we might also carry some of the same behavioral characteristics of our ancient relatives? Clinging to traditional practices to solve problems in a rapidly changing world doomed an entire species of human. Will Americans fall into the ...

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